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Nazwa szlakuPTTK Nowa Słupia – Szczytniak
Długość16 km
Odcinek w granicach ŚPNPodchełmie – Chełmowa Góra – Pokrzywianka Górna
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2 km,
0,5 h.
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Widok ze Świętego Krzyża na Chełmową Górę. Fot. M. Matysek

Widok ze Świętego Krzyża na Chełmową Górę

Walking this trail within the limits of the ŚNP, we can see a very rare subspecies of the European larch. When Marian Raciborski, Ph.D., discovered the Polish larch in 1890, it was considered as a distinct species. However, according to the recent studies, it is a very rare subspecies of the European larch. The area we visit is so unique that it was covered by strict protection as early as in 1920, becoming the first reserve in the Świętokrzyskie region.

At the beginning, the trail leads along the forest border towards the summit, passing numerous monument trees. The most noticeable are, of course, Polish larches but we can also find imposing beeches, oaks and pines. On Chełmowa Góra (351 metres above sea level), the highest peak of the Pokrzywiański range, there is Marian Raciborski memorial, erected by the Polish Forest Society.

Descending from the top towards the village of Pokrzywianka Górna, we can see a great number of ant hills. There have been found approximately 500 of them in the Chełmowa Góra area. Moreover, the abundance of birds is equally astonishing. According to ornithologists, there have been found 88 from about 150 bird species occurring in the Świętokrzyskie region. Approaching the forest edge, the trail leads through a beautiful loess ravine towards meadows surrounding the Chełmowa Góra enclave.

The route described above (about 2 km) is a part of the trail: Nowa Słupia – Szczytniak.