Kolor szlaku
Nazwa szlakuPTTK Łączna – Starachowice
Długość36 km
Odcinek w granicach ŚPNZagórze (Pomarańczowy Stok) – Psary Podlesie
Długość odcinka
i czas przejścia
6,3 km,
2,5 h.
Rodzaj szlakuPieszy
Informacja o cenachSzlak bezpłatny
Wychodnia skalna na Bukowej Górze. Fot. P. Szczepaniak

Wychodnia skalna na Bukowej Górze

The trail enters the forest near the railway viaduct in the village of Zagórze. A little further, there is a sandstone quarry, called “Bukowa Góra”, located on the left side, at some distance from the trail. Traversing the slope of the Klonowski range, we reach the boundaries of the ŚNP. The area we enter was included into the Park in 1996.

The trail becomes quite steep. After the last climb, we pass the peak of Bukowa Góra (483 metres above sea level), the highest mountain of the Klonowski range. Nearby, we can admire one of the most impressive outcrops of the Świętokrzyski National Park. The outcrop is built of very resistant Devonian sandstone.

Then we come to a wooden chapel, which, according to the tradition, was built on Napoleonic soldier’s grave. Right beside, there is a grave of a partisan fighter, killed in 1943. After reaching the forest edge, we can admire a beautiful panorama of the Masłowski range, the Święta Katarzyna village, and the Łysogóry range with the dominating peak of Łysica. Going along the forest border, we approach the monument dedicated to the murdered inhabitants of the Psara village who lost their lives helping wounded partisans. Several metres further, the trail leaves the ŚNP and after about 5 km comes to Bodzentyn.

The route described above is a part of the trail: Łączna – Starachowice