Viewing Gallery (on Gołoborze)

Zajęcia edukacyjne na tarasie widokowym

Gołoborze (the boulder field) on Łysa Góra is a flagship of the Świętokrzyski National Park. No wonder, the site has been frequently visited by tourists for many years. Visitors can admire the higher-lying part of the gołoborze on Łysa Góra (595 m above sea level, also called Łysiec or Św, Krzyż) and the nearby pagan cult embankment dated to the 7th-11th century AD.

The construction of the viewing gallery is designed in such a way that tourists get the impression of being directly on the gołoborze. These effect was achieved by putting stairs and a platform just above the ground (from 0.5 to 1.5 meters), and using a perforated deck grating. Before entering the gallery, visitors wait in a fenced area with benches placed along the fence. There are a symbolic gate and a ticket sales point at the entrance from the asphalt road. Boards with information about the gołoborze and the cult embankment stand along the sightseeing route.

On sunny days, from the viewing gallery you can marvel at the impressive panorama of the Dębniańska valley, the Pokrzywiański range with Chełmowa Góra, and the Bostowski range. When the weather is particularly good, you can see even more remote places, such as the towns of Strachowice and Ostrowiec. To the right there are two forest enclaves: Chełmowa Góra and Uroczysko Serwis. You can also admire striped fields, a typical landscape of the region.