Muchołówka mała. Fot. P. Szczepaniak
Muchołówka mała

The Park avifauna is represented mainly by species typical of forest biocenoses. Among birds numerous in almost all of the forest types there are: Chaffinch, Blackcap, and Robin. Besides these species, you can often meet the Leaf-warbler, and the Red-breasted Flycatcher in beech forests whereas in forests with the high share of fir, you are certain to hear characteristic songs of the Coal Tit, and the Goldcrest; there are also the Bullfinch and the Dunnock. The latter leads a secretive life, and therefore is difficult to observe. Numerous laying trunks as well as hollows made by windfallen trees create a conducive environment for the Winter Wren, which builds its elaborate, round nests in these lairs.

The Tree Pipit and the Chiffchaff can be observed in places where there are gaps in the forest stand, and nearby gołoborza (boulder fields).

From the woodpecker family the most numerous are the Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Black Woodpecker; the smallest Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is not observed so frequently. Middle Spotted and White-backed Woodpeckers, the two rarest Polish species of the described family, are also found in the Park.

Uszatka. Fot. P. Szczepaniak

Owls are represented by 3 species. The Tawny Owl occurs in all of the forest types. There are not many Long-eared Owls, which avoid dense forest stands, preferring forest edges. As far as day birds of prey are concerned, the easiest to see is the Buzzard, which frequently circles above a forest or a field, making its characteristic prolonged querulous calls. Hawks, Goshawks, Sparrowhawks, or Hobbies are more difficult to see. These very secretive predators hunt by surprise attack. They can fly, and chase their preys, mainly tiny birds, very fast.

The Hazel Grouse and the Black Stork are among the rarest Park’s birds. With regard to the Corvidae family, the Jay seems to be omnipresent while the Raven and the Crow are not numerous, and Nutcrackers are very rare. The Wood Pigeon, the biggest of the Polish pigeons, is common. The slightly smaller Stock Dove nestles in the Park only sporadically.