Brama wejściowa do ŚPN w Hucie Szklanej

Park Access Rules

  1. The Świętokrzyski National Park is available for the purposes of research, education, culture, tourism, recreation, and sport unless they have an adverse impact on the Park’s nature.
  2. The Świętokrzyski National Park may be visited from dawn until dusk, all year round following marked tourist trails only.
  3. Certain trails and sites in the Świętokrzyski National Park are available subject to the applicable ticket purchase in accordance with the price list.
  4. Cross-country skiing is permitted on all the tourist trails in the ŚNP.
  5. Cycling and horse riding is permitted only on special designated trails or their parts.
  6. In the ŚNP traffic is permitted only on the public roads.
  7. Dogs are permitted only on a lead.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in the ŚNP.
  9. In the ŚNP sporting and tourist events are permitted subject to the Park Director’s approval only.
  10. Research work, taking photographs and shooting films outside the tourist trails is permitted only with the Park Director’s approval.
  11. Any manufacture, commercial, and agricultural activities, except in designated areas, are prohibited in the Świętokryski National Park. And so is the placement of billboards, placards and advertisements.
  12. In the Świętokrzyski National Park the following is prohibited:
  • littering; water, air and soil pollution; making noise;
  • destroying, plucking and collecting plants or mushrooms;
  • scaring, catching and killing animals;
  • fishing;
  • destruction of soil, springs and streams;
  • excavation of rock, fossils and minerals;
  • bonfire lighting and the use of open-flame light sources;
  • camping in non-designated areas.
  1. Organised groups, visiting the ŚNP and working on the same topic (minimum10 people) shall be led by Świętokrzyski guide or an authorised Park employee.
  2. The Świętokrzyski National Park Service staff have the right to control, and execute compliance with the ŚNP code of conduct.
  3. Any breach of the ŚNP code of conduct is subject to prosecution, pursuant to nature and environment protection regulations, ordinance on the ŚNP foundation, and internal ordinances by the ŚNP Director.
  4. Visiting the ŚNP may be temporarily suspended for reasons of performing planned nature protection tasks, dealing with emergencies, conducting rescue operations and other activities related to public security.
  5. Making the Park area available for visitors, the ŚNP Director entrust them with natural and cultural heritage of great worth. Hence, the Director requests visitors to take special care of the entrusted assets. This being shown by compliance with the rules specified above.